Tuesday, June 30, 2015


In the moment now, the vast measure of common culture will vanish beyond memory.

This is the culture that serves the purposes of low-level communications, mass movements of groups, general, underdeveloped process of learning, propaganda, fad and fashion, and the perpetuation of a dim, materialistic grasp of the human condition. Its scenarios are untenable, its characters, grotesques.

It reflects populist social attitudes for the most part, and forms a constant, yet fortunately impermanent, aspect of contemporary life at any given point in history.

The artist must remain fixed upon the aesthetic and contemplative goals of expression, and be willing to work arduously, with elevated perspectives and long-term outcomes well-formed and executed, in order to avoid, and indeed, to act freely at a far distance from such banality. To do less is mere waste, while the artist who moves forward with vigor and rationality generates forces that bring the future into being, and does so as a catalyst of change unlike any other.