Saturday, March 03, 2012

Motion, Action, Conception

In combination and interpenetration of aural, verbal, and visual images, worlds are discovered.

Impulse, intuition, impression, idea, emotion, sensation, expression, representation, existence.

Through the workings of imagination, poets, painters, and composers who reveal these worlds differ only in the materials they choose to express their visions.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Art and Essence

Listen, and a multiplicity of subtle relations emerges. 

These aural images combine in ways that are not typically recognized as musical.  Cultural prejudices and predispositions are obstacles to such a realization.

Remove them.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Atmosphere, Sound, and Signature

Inescapably, art reflects the psyche of the artist and the times in which it is made.

The sounds of this day can be any number of things in any set or series of combinations, and the previous century's ideas regarding order and chaos must be viewed in terms of a striking increase in information technology, creative applications, and concomitant changes in ideas regarding both excellence and absurdity.  Nevertheless, it is a combination of personal vision and cultural forces at play in the realization of a work of artistic merit.

In an age of intellectual wealth, it is possible to associate and unite a wide range of diverse elements and develop unique approaches to issues of method and style in creative endeavors.  These are the possibilities that give the future immediacy and presence.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Illuminated Sensations

Consider the myriad impressions and connotations of tone in any form-- tone of voice, of literature, of a painting or in sounds-- and it is clear that these evoke ideas as well as emotions. 

Color and imagery, the picturesque and elevated, the musical and mystical and intimate, shaped through sensitivity to sounds and dynamic intensities, warm and cold, sharp and misty, deep, forbidding, cheerful, soft pastel and fiery bright, all in admixtures of the numinous and earthy, convey mood and suggest connections of thought in every imaginable nuance of expresssion.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sound Poems

The concept of sound as art has few limits, yet it is so broad as to be essentially indefinable.

In musical terms, there are numerous variations between styles and genres and starkly evident differences between music and noise.   Fundamentally, however, most listeners will easily identify elements of rhythm and percussion, melody, harmony, lead instrument lines and repeated phrases as musical.

Compositions emphasizing various degrees of formlessness, unpredictable patterns, instrumental colors and shadings, diversity of textures, and collage effects in place of the aforementioned elements are also possessed of beauty and charm to listeners, particularly in ambient modes, while they do not conform to traditional ideas associated with the experience of music.

In literature, the characteristic distinctions between prose and poetry are clear; with music, perhaps a similar differentiation will be made, in time, to contrast traditional musical forms with those designed to be appreciated and enjoyed according to other paradigms.

Monday, February 27, 2012

MInd, the Senses, and Antiquity

The deeper the historical perspective, the fuller the understanding of originality.

Observe, and it becomes possible to hear; listen, and it becomes impossible not to see.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pythian Impulse

A vision emerges in the imagination.  Perhaps it is directly inspired by perception and experience, or vaguely, out of a dreamlike scattering of sounds and other images in the unconscious mind.

At the center of this oracle is meaning.  It communicates and is conveyed through analogy, contrast, comparison, and inference; it is made manifest and realized through instinct and intellect, idea, emotion, and will.

To grasp the intangible, however briefly, is to see and hear and feel the motion of the soul.