Saturday, March 02, 2013

Motion and Repose, Modernity and Tradition II

Sounds connect across the temporal spectrum.

Set aside the known, and what remains is nameless; unformed, yet closer.

Friday, March 01, 2013

Diffusion, Dispersal, Convergence

Atmospheric conditions alter sounds and their impressions on the listener.

Such experiences of sound are infinite in variety, yet can be difficult to detect when the perceptions are dulled by the myriad external pressures and distractions to which listeners may be inured.

These effects are to be pursued toward refinement of awareness, whether subtle or bold, ethereal or uncanny, and whether in the course of everyday events or in the process of sound design.

From a compositional perspective, they awaken the aural sense and the imagination, expanding the range of consciousness, and, in turn, depth of intellect and feeling.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sound and Intention, Sound in Space

What is considered music generally conforms to traditional standards and ideas.

Sounds representative of the observable reality of settings, atmospheres and phenomena are most often considered to be other than music.

These are reasonable, if inaccurate conclusions.  Musical designs that intentionally replicate the patterns and movements of naturally-occurring sounds for aesthetic purposes combine aspects of both, yet conform to neither.

Except for Brian Eno's term ambient, or a broad (and generous) interpretation of the designation tone poem,  such designs are nameless and undefined, fusions of aural imagery on the periphery of music.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Musical Futurity

Directed developments in music and expansion of sound as art tend to diverge in the direction of "progression" for the former and "evolution" in the latter case.

While the first is heard across the spectrum of musical culture, the second process is more gradual in gaining widespread acceptance, reflecting its different aims and perspectives.  Both are interesting viewpoints, and often both are equally academic in nature.

The progression of music may be seen as a form of modernization, or essentially improving existing styles and methods.  Evolutionary developments, on the other hand, generally tend to advance toward undefined or uncategorized expressions.

Rightly, what is important to listener, musician, and composer is the artistic integrity of the work, which ultimately contributes to its universal appeal.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wave, Sound, Movement, and Light

To fall prey to distraction is to lose touch with the beautiful.

This is a spiritual loss, a failure to appreciate life.  It is akin to drowning within sight of land.

Art reaches out, and one may grasp and be drawn back to the simple realization of the magnitude of being.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Sounds Before and Behind

At any given moment it is quite possible to pause and take notice of sensory perceptions previously ignored, unseen, and unheard.

Reflections may be heard as well as seen.  Changes in atmosphere may be felt, and nuance of voice will indicate attitude and emotion. All such things may be consciously perceived, just as they may be afforded conscious responses, heightening experience immediately and over time, if broader, deeper consciousness is desirable enough to warrant attention.

Elevated awareness of this type is within human capacity, and not merely a lost "survival skill" of our human ancestors.

To be regularly removed from chaos, confusion, and the burden of disorderly surroundings, even if for short periods, results in clarity and lucidity becoming predominate in approaching the phenomena of existence.  The senses gain acuity, as do intellectual and emotional perspectives.

As composer and percipient, I desire to design musical sounds that excite the sensory and reasoning faculties.  Now, as always, these are essential to fullness of being.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mystic Apprehension

Intuitive understanding worthy of the term presupposes refinement of wisdom and perceptiveness beyond such measurable qualities as age and education, even given their intrinsic importance as contributing factors.

Apply predictive analysis to the arts. Communications and media change, becoming at once more broadly effective and more intimate in reach.  That which is personal is more clearly universal.

Thought, idea, emotion, creativity, judgement and imagination are consequences of consciousness.

Listen, hear the future.  No machine will ever do these things.