Saturday, April 16, 2016

Follow Instructions

The basis of art as propaganda lies in direction toward conformity to type.

Predictability in the context of a museum is no less tedious, produced for and producing unthinking acceptance and bellicose ignorance in the service of inflexible repression-- in all its stale glory.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Perceived Atmospheres

Let silence speak.

Discover that there is no real silence, but only the silencing of expression.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Black & White

Generally speaking, it is not difficult to take perspectives that allow enduring clarity and wide latitude of thought.

The so-called "black and white" viewpoint, denounced by its detractors as "narrow-minded" and "absolutist" is neither intellectually nugatory nor intolerant, rightly understood.  Fundamentally, an attitude that takes absolute ideals into account must acknowledge the dynamic nature of reality in order to be viable, and open to the increase of wisdom, that is to say, to expanding critical analysis and judgement.

Reality is no "sealed system", and its nature is a continuum of change.  One can speak and think with a great deal of certainty, while comprehending fully the fact that it is always possible to know more, and modify assessments accordingly.  Conversely, it is also necessary to understand that the dynamic in reasoning between poles, those "grey areas" between the black and white, is constantly shifting as well, making it clear that their ultimate disposition is in one direction or the other, reality being an ongoing affair not conforming to a static set of expectations.  One cannot simply expect reason, or the lack of it, to negate the truth of cause and effect.  Neither should one be subject to impermanent and biased whims simply to conform to social, political, academic, or artistic norms, regardless of the settings and circumstances in which they occur.

Simply put, it is a mistake, as Cicero stated, "to attempt to force others to believe as we do", and "to believe that success is made by crushing others".  It is possible, indeed, be right, regardless of any and all arguments to the contrary, no matter how cleverly or "passionately" they are proposed against objective evidence and experience.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Find the Future

To retrieve cultural vigor and autonomy it will be necessary to reject certain bad ideas.

Bad ideas are many, and they dominate cultural discourse.  Most revolve around failed visions of a Utopian nature that do not exist and cannot be willed into existence.

Speak against these and social, academic, and political forces unite with condemnation generally reserved for blasphemers and ex-communicants in ancient times.  These demand silence, and will tolerate nothing less than absolute conformity.

But there is no "we".  There is only freedom, and those opposed to it.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Balance, Rise, Decline

Find the mysteries of reality. Perceive within them.

What is viewed as an unknowable future inevitably becomes ancient history.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Opposing Forces

Recognize the dominant forces in play throughout cultural settings.

These are forces of control, and particularly in terms of discourse, intellectual judgement, and the arts.  All such spurious "authorities" are media driven, and are owed no loyalty or subjection as mere appearances of reality, shallow and unjustifiable.

As such there is no rebellion beyond individual choice, as a matter of personal integrity.

Made once, it is the choice of liberation, and it is permanent.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Fall in Line

Observe the predictable and the "new".  Apparently, they are synonymous.

This is the continuing legacy of groupthink.  All must conform to type, express no more or less than approved attitudes, and commit to reflexively perpetuating rigid, narrow points of view.

So what is new is old again, no less benighted than it once was, a morass of subjective ignorance.