Saturday, August 01, 2015

Wild Cry, Left at Great Distance

It is misleading to suggest culture is in a state of decline.

Popular culture is perpetually in a state of decline, based, as it is, upon the notion of "living only for the moment".  Forward-thinking is anathema in such conditions, which are always characterized by absurd emotionalism, squandered passion, insipid vainglory, and the stale idea that some ill-defined, nebulous "we" are "all in this together".

I am interested in art produced by individuals, for individuals.  In composition, it is always my goal to expand, not limit, and elevate consciousness.

This, at all times, defines my perspective on the modern world.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Order of Progress

The way of the artist is that of the individualistic gesture.

Of course this is existential rebellion, in opposition to the common, the mundane, and the self- righteously complacent everywhere manifest in contemporary culture at all times.

Who will think, rather than be told, will reach beyond the surface of appearances.  For the artist as composer, this is the critical choice between music that now exists and sounds that must instead be brought into being.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Intent and Obscurity

One does not simply demand an audience.  That is absurd.

For the artist as composer, the listener and audience are interested in the works, and certainly not in the bleating of the self-styled public artiste, for whom the world is a stage and pretensions to a sort of special genius are the order of every day.

One would think there is little time for such nonsense, yet, in fact, the stage is always set for the hosts of competing entertainers to enter what can be generously called a contest for popularity. Here, all the financial rewards and associated glamour of "show-business" and the like take special precedence.

But this is not art, of course, and those who see art as a higher calling can only regard such attitudes with disdain and contempt.  And these are the people for whom the artist is compelled to work, that is to say, like-minded individuals.  Thus the artist understands this audience will be reached in ways that are unrelated to clamor, fanfare, and extravagance, and that further, in cultural terms, this audience is the largest, most diverse, and most supportive of all.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Forge and Will

The artist may be moved by an inner voice, or directed by others.

Therefore, events may determine outcomes, and outcomes may, indeed, determine events.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Reasoning Music

The aesthetic environment is by nature a "thinking" environment.

Responses to the vicissitudes of life according to the art of reason are simply superior to frenetic, emotional reactions to the ways of the world.  The art of sound is not simply meant to fill a void.

As composer, I bring sounds together as representations of the physical, aural nature of the world with the purpose of revealing both the dynamics of atmospheres and those of the imagination.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Cycles, Vibrations, Fasces

Listeners display curiosity, flexibility, self-possession, and respect for the arts and artists.

Consumers want conformity, particularly in thought and action, with little cost or consequence.

Any cursory survey of popular music immediately reveals well-defined contrasts between the genuinely creative work and the fabricated reflection of popular opinion.  There are myriad implications.  And they are not worth my time, listener, or yours.