Thursday, November 06, 2014

Sublime Sense and Inner Ear

A vast majority of people refuse to view themselves as "consumers", and the listener, most assuredly, possesses the range of experience to seek and discover a greater perspective than one merely concrete and material, even from a very early age.  This is the direction of sublimity of perception.

To speak of the sublime is, on the surface, to be transported to the rarefied atmosphere of nineteenth century aesthetic philosophy and Walter Pater's "gem-like flame" of ecstatic consciousness. But these are entirely legitimate concepts, fully formed, that anyone may comprehend and realize with complete presence of mind and emotional vitality. That they are indeed transcendent and impersonal states of awareness, and that they find representation in finely rendered artistic expressions is not in question.

It is a curiosity of the contemporary age that these aesthetic states of consciousness are so rarely given the consideration they warrant as existential phenomena alone.  They direct and refine the attention toward expanding levels of elevated awareness; in terms of art, and particularly art of a musical nature, they convey profound insights into the dynamics of being, reality, and the human condition worthy of more thoughtful examination in the context of modern culture.