Friday, February 03, 2012

Pulse, Flow, Cycle

The familiar rhythms of music are unmistakable, follow steady beats, and move in patterns of human design. 

The cyclical rhythms and patterns of natural phenomena are often subtle and fluctuate in movement. 

Lapping waves and pounding surf draw the attention before drifting to the periphery of consciousness, like the ticking of a clock.  Candles flicker, pulsate.  Tides swell and recede in the moon's embrace. 

Likewise, town and country, farm and city, office and schoolyard and street and caravan in the far reaches move to rhythms not cadenced in musical measures, but alive with pace, inflection and sequence.

Months, years, and centuries pass in the course of some rhythmic processes while others take only moments.  Patterns of rhythm they are, though not in the sense commonly associated with musical composition and performance; they are not driven or carried by drum beats. 

Transformation ambient music and the shorter sketches of the form, then, are not based upon rhythms of the familiar musical sort, but give rise to rhythmic patterns similar to the natural, cyclical type in the unfolding of the various works.

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