Wednesday, February 01, 2012

If What the Philosophers Say is True

Epictetus and Lao Tsu offer insights in regard to the idea that human will, in conformity to nature, affords the individual clarity of vision and action unburdened by material attachments and self-delusion.  The term nature here means reality in terms of human nature, social and cultural conditions, and an ordered cosmos made so by right reason and virtue, or the good.

Consider, accordingly, a concept of a music in conformity to nature.

Sounds of a moderate or serene type might be said, by some, to represent such a music.  Both Greek slave and Chinese sage would assure the listener, however, that any music, regardless of form, is part and parcel of reality, reflecting either order, chaos, or combinations of both in thought and expression, whether the composer, performer, or listener intended a "conformity to nature" or not.

Instead, conceive a combination of sounds forming a stylized representation of the collage of auditory phenomena encountered throughout diverse environments over the course of one's journey in life.

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