Saturday, January 05, 2013

Depths, Heights, and Futurity

Sounds are set in motion and combined; compositions emerge and may be recorded, transcribed and performed.  In the listening imagination, sensory impressions appear spontaneously, as if out of echo and shadow.

Beyond this point listening takes on a unique and individual dimension that neither the casual listener nor the self-absorbed "fan" discovers without encountering a sense of the uncanny.  One's attention is wholly given over to sounds, as happens in thoughtful reflection upon works of art, and in listening one becomes detached from the sense of self and its distractions, entering a contemplative state of mind and being.

The composer devoted to realizing such a fusion of sound and art cannot be content with transient nonsense and mundane chaos, and strives for representations of environments and atmospheres that reflect elevated perceptions and stimulate the expansion and evolution of consciousness.