Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Like Water II

Every moment emerges constantly, receding into time past and carrying forward into time future.

The basic concept of music as "movement of sound through time" need not be strictly limited to linear time, with its beginnings and endings and "captured moments" as commonly delineated.

Objectively, recordings do not change, but the listener's perception of them can and does.

Compositions in sound can be so designed as to place minimal emphasis on movement between points in time, to stress greater fullness of experience in the movement or flow of the moment itself.

Time need not be the dominant factor around which art revolves, nor is there any need for an art so conceived to be confrontational, affectedly ugly or disagreeable pour √©pater les bourgeois.  This is a lack, if not a failure, of vision in the modern world; there is beauty to be found here and given voice as the way of the flow of life.