Friday, January 13, 2012

On the Art of Sound

Everywhere percussion, rhythm, and melodic pattern typify and define-- I would say limit-- perception of music.

Acclimated to predominate stylistic norms, one may find it difficult to appreciate an art of sound that places no emphasis upon such things as chord progressions, back beat, or arpeggiation.

Yet elements such as these are imposed upon sounds to give them structures of various kinds.  They combine to serve as "framing devices" for musical styles, and ultimately, in general terms, for music itself.

This is like being aware of no more than that the sky is blue in the daytime and black at night.

Having worked as an independent songwriter, arranger, and producer, surrounded by these aspects of music for decades, it became incumbent upon me to move beyond musical ideas I no longer found interesting.  Through taking advantage of the freedom to do so, I remain engaged in experimentation, analysis, application of independent theory, and the production of new works.

These works, like all the arts, exist to illuminate their surroundings.

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